Ray W. Clarke, LTD - Residential & Executive Interior Design


This is to acknowledge two very special people who have contributed to the development of my website, www.raywclarke.com.

Barney Taxel has been both friend and photographer for me spanning an almost forty years; he has brought out the very best of what my work imparts, its visual achievements in imagery by the magic of both his talented eye and his technically accomplished art. Nationally known for architectural and gastronomical imagery, his photography makes my interiors assume order when viewed individually and as a complete collection.

Lauren, daughter of my best friend Fred, a child whom I watched in her early years develop into a beautiful and talented graphic artist, engineered a site made from a myriad of scattered thoughts, images, text mingled with her magic into a cyber magazine of genuine deluxe. It is both a professional creation and an artistic gift to me. She created a work of beautiful order.