Ray W. Clarke, LTD - Residential & Executive Interior Design

Delores E. Cardaman (Lore)
Emeritus Executive Administrative Assistant

I wish to give special acknowledgment to Lore Cardaman who devoted 25 years of her career life in loyal service to me and my work. She is one of the most informed women in the design industry and was able to administer and carry out the complexities of our business with the conviction of a mighty corporate executive. She always projected an image of authority, elegance, with kindness and knowledge. Besides her interest in the business world, Lore is an avid reader, scholar of big band music, Czech culture, old movies and film noir. She is a political enthusiast, a keen advocate for women and carries the banner for individualism. Lore Cardaman is one of the last of those who lived life in the bygone high style of the 50’s and 60’s. She is now busy enjoying her retirement in the country where she cultivates her garden and lawn, enjoying nature around her house. Since youth, Lore has been a driving force in the Czech community's affairs. A vacation spot gone to year round living with an original ethnic compound in Bainbridge, including the original cottages and a clubhouse has been nurtured by her team spirit and hard work. She still maintains a family cottage there built by her parents and serves as a retreat for her and her children. A stone’s throw from the old Rorimer Estate, she has always known what the design world is, living in the shadow of the former Louis Rorimer of Cleveland.