Ray W. Clarke, LTD - Residential & Executive Interior Design


My Portfolio is pictorial digest of my work.

The amateur shots in the first section are taken on sites where work is in progress. The second section is a collection of professional photographs taken by my primary photographer, Barney Taxel, but includes a few others which spans several decades but in no particular chronology. The two sections following are photographs of my Cleveland offices, and my residence-studio in Palm Beach. The next illustrates how an initial sketch becomes reality. My custom furniture designs show products I have created on a custom basis by various craftsmen and various firms I have used for years. Vignettes are in a section which are the photographs intended for advertising or poster use. My love of accessories is shown in the final section, providing views of large accessory arrangements, I love to create arrangements for clients, but always with the maxim: “quietly spare and serene arrangements, or very full landscapes, never ‘in-between’”.